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Holidays and traditions in Russia and in English speaking countries.

Holidays and traditions in Russia and in English speaking countries.  

All people like holidays very much.There are many holidays in our country.They are: “Christmas”, “New Years day”, “Mothers day”, “Victory day” and others.

The 8th of March is one of them. It is a happy and nice holiday. It is a good tradition in our country to give presents and flowers to women on this day.There is almost the same holiday in England. It is called Mother’s Day and celebrated also in spring. Every country has its own customs and traditions. English people are proud of their traditions and they keep them up.

Christmas day is the greatest holiday in England.We can see many lights, toys and sweets all over the Christmas trees.The traditional English dinner on Christmas is turkey and pudding. My favourite holiday is New Year’s Day. Evereybody in our country waits for this holiday and prepares presents for each member of the family.This holiday brings joy to everybody.

Another amusing holiday which I like very much is St. Valentine’s Day. It is not a national holiday. It is a day of all lovers. All holidays and traditions in our country and English speaking countries are very interesting and nice.

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