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Установите соответствие рубрик 1-6 текстам A–E. 
Занесите свои ответы в таблицу.
Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. 
В задании одна рубрика лишняя.

1. History

2. Money

3. Statistics

4. Geography

5. Sightseeing

6. Jobs

А. Mosfilm is the centre of the Russian film industry. It is as famous as

Hollywood in the USA or Bollywood in India. Tours to the studio have become

increasingly popular with tourists, as they allow to view Mosfilm’s enormous

depot with 170 tanks and 50 vintage cars. Tour guides say that everyone hopes

to see a famous actor or an actress when they are on an excursion there.

В. January 30, 1924 is considered the birthday ofMosfilmstudio. On this day the

first film produced by Mosfilm was released. It was On the Wings Skyward

directed by Boris Mikhin. During the Great Patriotic War, the film studio

personnel moved to Alma-Ata but continued working. All in all, Mosfilm has

produced about 3,000 feature films.

C. It takes a lot of different people to make a good film. A screen writer writes the

script of the future film. Then a producer finds enough money to make this film

and a film director chooses actors and actresses to play in this film. You also

need people for costumes and make-up. Film-making is becoming more and

more complex and requires a lot of IT specialists and technical staff.

D. Robert Downey once held the title of highest-paid actor in Hollywood, and

now he is only the sixth on the list. Mark Wahlberg made more than any actor

in the world this year. He earned huge sums from his two films, “Daddy’s

Home” and “Transformers: The Last Knight”. He also earned some cash for

appearing in his family’s reality show “Wahlburgers”.

E. According to a recent survey, 13 percent of Americans go to the movies about

once a month, 7 percent go see movies in the movie theater several times a

month, and 31 percent go less than once a year. It is interesting that 52 percent

of American adults prefer watching movies at home. The U.S. is the third

largest film market in the world, only behind China and India.

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